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2014 was a relatively uneventful growing season, with a dry, mild winter and vines getting off to an early start in spring, a pattern that followed through flowering, set, veraison and harvest, where there weren’t any memorable heat spikes. Even though the harvest was early, budbreak was even earlier, resulting in more grape hang time than in 2013. It was a compressed, fast harvest. Drought conditions are bittersweet for Paso Robles.... low yields, small clusters and tiny berries should result in concentrated wines.

2013 was a stellar vintage for Cass Vineyards. It is astonishing what a different season it was in 2013 compared to the two prior vintages. This was one of the earliest starts to harvest with the first pick being on the 20th of August. In October of 2012 the fruit was just starting to get picked... Due to this, the cellar was extremely busy with every tank full, pump-overs all day long, and the press operating on a daily schedule. Stepping in the cellar door one was overcome with the magnificent aromas produce by all this fermenting red and white wine at once. The fruit that came in was very mature but at lower sugars than one would expect. The wines are remarkably deep in both color and flavor, with good acids and substantial but ripe tannins. We are very excited to see this. We believe 2013 will be produce wines that are true and very rich in varietal characteristics yet not over powered by the high “paso norm” alcohol levels. 

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