Our Vineyard

We source our grapes and make our wine at Cass Vineyard. We are inspired by their focus on low yield, premium quality fruit as well as the impeccable care of their vineyards. Together, we share a love of the environment and promote sustainability of nature’s resources.

Cass Vineyard

Paso Robles, California USA
Named 2015 Winery of the Year from the Central Coast Wine Competition


Cass Vineyard is located in the rolling, oak-studded hills between Paso Robles and Creston on California’s beautiful Central Coast. The area that the vineyard calls home offers quiet serenity for the visitor and is an ideal growing environment for premium wine grapes.


Due east of the “Templeton Gap”, Cass Vineyard receives the evening’s cooling breezes that the west side of Paso Robles is noted for. The vineyard is an ideal distance from the coast to generate the heat needed to optimally ripen the premium Rhône varieties grown on the 145-acre rolling hill estate.

Vineyard and Winery

You can literally touch, taste, see and smell the grapes from the block where they were harvested.

A unique feature of Cass Vineyard is that all of the Rhône grapes grown at the vineyard are ENTAV certified. ENTAV (Establissement National Technique pour l’Amelioration de la Viticulture) is the national agency of France responsible for the quality of wine grape varieities.

Over 90% of all French Vineyards are started with ENTAV certified plants and where only recently available in California. Consequently, these are among the very first first wines made from ENTAV grapes grown here. Click here for more information about this certification  http://www.sunridgenurseries.com/category/entav/.

Cass Vineyard is also a certified sustainably farmed vineyard through SIP Certification. While many consumers are dedicated to looking for wines labeled as “green wine” or “organic wine,” SIP Certification is a unique combination beyond those two labels. Imagine a wine that builds community between vineyards, workers and the land. A new way to look at sustainable agriculture to ensure that:

To see the actual layout of the vineyard and each varietal, please CLICK HERE.